Monday, April 9, 2012

Esho Funi - Simplified

Sensei's amazing explanation of the concept of esho funi (or the Oneness of life and the environment) from the March VC - Shared by Binita

Question: The "Expedient Means" chapter in the first volume of the Lotus Sutra states, " The true aspect of all phenomena (can only be understood and shared between Buddhas. this reality consists of the appearance, nature... And) their consistency from beginning to end. " What does this passage mean? ( WND-1,p.383 )

He explained clearly: " This passage tells us that all the living beings of the Ten Worlds , from the lowest world of He'll, the most miserable life- state, to the highest world of Buddhahood, as well as the environments in which those beings live, are the entity of Myoho-re go-kyo."

President Ikeda then went on to describe the relationship between living beings ( shoho ) and their environment ( eho ) in a way that the high school division members could comprehend.

"For example, as a living being, everything around me, including all of you and the physical world I live in, is my environment. We do not live in isolation from others. Though we seem to be separate entities, we exist in relation to other entities. This is the meaning of the oneness ( non- duality ) of life and it's environment...

When you study hard and achieve good grades in school, you return home in a good mood, which changes how you feel there, right ? This is what is meant by " the oneness of life and it's environment. " The way your parents view you may also change, and they may even increase your allowance. Perhaps your dinnertime conversation will become more lively and enjoyable."

The high school division members smiled and nodded in understanding. President Ikeda declared: " ultimately,life, the human being, is of utmost importance. While we speak of the environment, the human being is the foundation. It all comes down to you as an individual."

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