Thursday, April 12, 2012

NHR - Sensei's Guidance

From NHR  Vol 9  Page212  Very encouraging guidance from Sensei - Mrs Usha

Faith is meaningless unless we carry it through until the very end.  If we dont persevere in faith , we cant transform our karma or build a foundation for genuine happiness.  But people have a tendency to be defeated by their own weakness. They may practise in earnest for a time, but then grow cowardly when faced with opposition or criticism  to their faith.  Or when they fall ill or hit a deadlock, they may become fainthearted and start having doubts.

Others abandon their faith because of a grudge held against another member arising from some minor personal conflict and then leave the Soka Gakkai the harmonious community of lay believers with a direct connection to the Buddha.  To avoid this, it is important that we base our lives not on our subjective emotions but on the teachings of Buddhism and the Gosho. 

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