Monday, April 30, 2012

Sensei' on Mission and Not Begrudging One's Life: NHR excerpt

"The crucial thing to remember is that what you decide to devote yourself to or give your life to is what determines whether your life will be happy or unhappy. The Daishonin teaches us that the highest and most fundamental kind of devotion is to the Gohonzon of the oneness of the Person and the Law - that is, to Nam-myoho-renge-kyo."
Shin'ichi spoke with increasing force: "More specifically, we might say that this devotion is dedicating ourselves to the realisation of kosen-rufu, with the resolve to widely propagate Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and the Gohonzon of the oneness of the person and the Law as our lifes' purpose and lifelong goal. This is the path that leads to absolute happiness.
"I'm sure some of you regard expressions such as 'not begrudging one's life' and 'dedicating one's life to Buddhism' as encouraging a sort of self-sacrifice, some kind of tragic self-immolation. but the state of mind underlying the kind of devotion I am talking about is entirely different. It is a state of complete, self-assured calm adn peace, a state utterly without fear.
"Devotion to the Mystic Law means breaking through your 'lesser self,' the small you that has been driven and hounded by all kinds of petty, selfish wants and desires. It means returning to your greater self,' the self that is one with the universe, that is as vast as the cosmos itself. When that happens, you will shine with your highest human potential. The process by which this comes about is called human revolution."
From NHR volume 6, Young Eagles Chapter.

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