Thursday, May 3, 2012

Value Creation Excerpt: Ikeda Sensei

"The Latter Day of the Law is described in the sutras as the 'age of conflict'. It is a time of constant quarrels and disputes where malice, envy and devious ploys are rife. That's why it's so important to be able to summon infinite wisdom through unceasing daimoku, day after day.
"As you make your way through the course of your life, you'll probably encounter numerous painful difficulties. But you should live out your life firmly centred on your Buddhist faith and practice, always putting daimoku first.
"You may find yourself at an impasse, but 'myo means to revive'(WND-1, p.149) and if you chant daimoku, you will find new life force and a new wellspring of good fortune. Never forgetting that life is a series of challenges to be overcome, just keep advancing with optimism and vigour."
Value Creation, Jan 2012, Beacon Chapter.

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