Saturday, June 22, 2013

Guidance on Ichinen and Prayer

“The Result is a reflection of your faith in the Gohonzon.

Whatever you are thinking in front of the Gohonzon will be true for you.

Are you thinking failure or victory? Are you trying to tell the Gohonzon how to solve your problems or are you turning over your heart’s desire with unlimited trust to the Gohonzon?

The Gohonzon’s power is beyond the comprehension of our minds. This is why we call it mystic.

Our challenge is to dream of results as big as the power of the Gohonzon, which has no limit. With this attitude of faith, you can tap the infinite power of joy, gratitude and victory.

If you find you are stuck, pray to release the chains of doubt and fear clouding your mind of faith. Pray for unbounded confidence and courage to win over your past and joyfully step into your bright future.” -Daisaku Ikeda

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