Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nichiren Buddhism on Love

Buddhism teaches that all lives are inherently endowed with Buddhahood and emphasizes that all lives are equal and respect worthy. Similarly, in the book ‘Discussions on Youth’ President Daisaku Ikeda also stated that love lacking of ‘respect’ does not last.

‘Love is not two people gazing at each other, but two people looking ahead together in the same direction.’ This is written by Antoine de Saint Exupery, the author of the Little Prince. President Ikeda mentioned that even the treasures that fill the major world system are no substitute for life. The ‘treasure tower’ chapter of the Lotus Sutra depicts that life is immeasurably noble. Life is clearly noble because each of us possess our own mission which can only be fulfilled by ourselves. For the sake of happiness of humankind, upholding the same belief and fighting until the end, President Ikeda said that such relationship of love is long-lasting.

With love and other aspects of life, we should firstly polish our lives, seriously and continuously, so as to manifest Buddhahood, actualize the joy of life and gain boundless benefit and victories in all areas.

Source: The Buddhist perspective on love by Michelle Wong Krr-Man in Harmony Feb 04

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