Sunday, June 16, 2013

Positives and Negatives of the Ten Worlds




The world of perfect freedom, in which one is awakened to Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the eternal and ultimate truth that is the reality of all things. Characterized by joy which cannot be destroyed by suffering, boundless wisdom, courage, compassion and life-force. The state untouched by negative karma which can bring benefit to all.



The world of altruism, in which one acts selflessly for other people, helping them without expecting reward


Patronizing or despising those one is trying to help. Becoming a martyr to the cause and neglecting one’s own life.

The world in which one strives for insight or wisdom which comes from one’s own observations of the world. The creative spark.


Like learning, one can become attached to cerebral matters, arrogant, looking down on others, self-centred absorption.

The world in which one strives to understand some concept through the teachings of others, with the goal of self-betterment.


A world in which one can become exclusive, cut off from everyday life and feel superior to those less intellectually capable.

For a short time one experiences Intense pleasure and happiness and is generally positive towards the world at large.


The world of transient happiness; experienced on the fulfilment of one’s desire is short-lived and the desire to prolong it can lead to excesses. From rapture to Hell or Anger is a short step.

The ability to control one’s desires with reason and act humanely


The world of calmness. A fragile and easily disrupted state, in which one is unable to bring about change.

Passion against injustice and for creating a better world.


The world of egotism, characterized by conflict and the arrogant desire to be better than everyone else

The instinct to fear danger, to sleep and eat regularly; to reproduce; to protect and nurture life.


The world of instinct. In which one threatens the weak and fears the strong. Pleasure seeking. Foolishness. Living only in the present.

Yearning for Improvement. The desire to create value. The desire to live.


The world of desires for power, sex, money etc. A state which is never satisfied. Greed.

By knowing suffering we can understand happiness. By understanding Hell we can gain the desire to help others.


The world of suffering. Depression. Despair. At its most extreme the impulse to destroy oneself and all around.

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