Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Body and The Shadow (Part 2)

The environment (e) and the self (sho) are in a relationship of funi, which means ‘two but not two.’ This means that, on one level, the level that we perceive through our five senses we are ‘two’ – completely separate from everything which is around us. However, on another, more fundamental plane the individual self and the matter which surrounds it are not just linked they are inseparable – ‘not two.’ This plane is the ultimate reality of live, which is defined by Nichiren Daishonin as the Mystic Law, or Myoho-renge-kyo.

Once we start chanting and increasingly acting from this ‘enlightened’ level of understanding, we can begin to see how accurately our environment reflects our life condition. Nichiren Daishonin expressed the exactness of this relationship when he stated ‘Environment is like the shadow, and life, the body’

It follows from this that if we want to make a fundamental change in our environment – be it our home, our work, our town or the world as a whole – we need to make a fundamental change in ourselves. The bigger the change in us, the more far-reaching the effect on the environment as a whole.

To be continued
Source: UKE Jan 1995 by Louise Ellis

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