Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nothing is a Coincidence

When you suffer a setback or mishap, regard it as a warning from the Gohonzon to reflect on your attitude towards faith. Otherwise you may start complaining and soon get into bigger trouble. You might even wind up doubting your faith.

But if you take it as a strict warning from the Gohonzon, you can reflect on your attitude toward faith and thank the Gohonzon for the fact that the accident wasn’t serious. Then you can apologize to the Gohonzon for any past insincerity and pledge to strengthen your determination for kosen-rufu. This is how to avert more serious accidents that might happen in future. When something bad happens to you, no matter how trifling it may be, if you think of it as significant to your faith, you can make it a cause for happiness. On the contrary, even though something serious happens to you, if you faith to think it significant to your faith, it will become a cause for unhappiness.

Therefore, check your attitude toward faith so that you can consider even a small incident as something valuable and significant. That’s how you can change poison into medicine.

Source: Guidelines of faith by Satoru Izumi

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