Friday, August 2, 2013

Why we are All Worthy of Great Respect

Gosho: The Person and the Law

"Since the Law is supreme, the Person is worthy of respect; since the Person is worthy of respect, the Land is sacred"

This refers specifically to Nichiren Daishonin, but in a broad sense, it can also apply to us. As common mortals, we may have many shortcomings and problems which we have not yet resolved, but as long as we base ourselves on the Mystic Law, striving to manifest our innate enlightenment and help others to do the same, we are worthy of great respect, and the place where we exert ourselves for Kosen-rufu is the Buddha Land.

Even if your present situation may leave much to be desired, you can make it respectworthy by striving there with the determination to show proof of the Gohonzon's power and benefit. Or, conversely stated whatever your situation may be, you can grow and benefit from it tremendously so long as you resolve to make use of it in order to develop. Such determination is vital for our human revolution. Because we embrace the Gohonzon, which embodies the law of Nam-myoho-reng-kyo and the life of the original Buddha, we can sever the karmic roots of our problems and manifest our innate Buddha nature.

Moreover, according to the principle of the oneness of life and its environment, so long as we strive with this determination, our objective circumstances will also eventually change for the better, showing undeniable proof of the Gohonzon's blessings and the sincerity of the efforts we have been making all along.

Source: George M Williams, Vice President SGI

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Pranay K. said...


Thank you for posting these lovely guidances. I just wanted to point out that George M Williams (SGI-USA) was one of the treacherous leaders who plotted with the priests to throw our beloved mentor out of SGI and forced him to resign. Keeping this in mind, his guidances might be amazing and useful but one cannot accept anything from someone who went against our mentor. I felt i should point this out. This is your website and you are absolutely free to post whatever you would like. Again, I really appreciate for taking time and keeping others motivated.