Sunday, September 8, 2013

In Pursuit of True Happiness

Even though they do not have faith in the Gohonzon, some people seem blessed with fame, wealth and seeming happiness. However, their satisfaction is all temporary unless based upon the Mystic Law and it can be termed rootless because their happiness is of a fleeting nature in view of the eternity of life. All in all, without basing your life on the Gohonzon, there is no true and most profound sense of happiness. Therefore, you, who have been able to begin this practice of faith, should realize how fortunate and how fantastic your life is.
Having such an awareness is vital for all of you now and even if you cannot convince yourself of this truth, as long as your Faith is sincere and your practice is vigorous, please remember you are still being yourself in the correct foundation of life. But anyway, the Gohonzon will never forget about the efforts you put out for kosen-rufu. The Buddhist gods will definitely protect all of you. This is so true, especially in terms of the law of cause and effect. I sincerely hope that you remain convinced of the fact that you are now developing the greatest fortune and opening up a great palace of happiness within your life.
Source: Guidelines for Youth, compiled by George M. Williams

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