Saturday, March 22, 2014

Significance of the Soka Gakkai

It is the members of the Soka Gakkai, who are widely and compassionately propagating this great Law throughout the globe, who are reading the sutra passage, "I am always here, preaching the Law" with their whole being. In other words, the Gakkai itself is a Buddha - the Soka Gakkai Buddha.
This was President Toda's absolute conviction. Therefore to devote ourselves for the sake of Gakkai members is to devote ourselves to the Buddha.
To protect the mentor and disciple bond of the Soka Gakkai is to protect the correct teaching and principle.
To expand the ranks of the Soka Gakkai is to expand kosen-rufu. The Soka Gakkai has a tremendously grand mission, destiny and good fortune.
If, as the phrase from the Sutra says, we "do not see (the Buddha) even when he is close by", we are the ones to lose out.

There is no Buddha who lacks wisdom. 
There is no Buddha who lacks compassion. 
There is no Buddha who lacks courage. 
And, there is no Buddha who will become unhappy".

- Daisaku Ikeda

Source: Blue deeper than Indigo Vol 1

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