Thursday, April 3, 2014

Working for Others = Sacrificing Oneself?

On response to a member's question if working for others means sacrificing oneself -

President Ikeda - "That is an important question. Thinking only about oneself can lead to selfishness, while thinking only about others can lead to self-sacrifice. The point however, is to avoid either of these extremes, and instead strive so that all of us - both ourselfves and others - can enjoy life, grow and become happy together. 

I once presented students of Kansai Soka Schools with the words; "True happiness is not built on the misfortune of others."

The Daishonin also writes: "If one lights a (lantern) for others one will brighten one's own way." The actions we take for others' happiness lead to our own happiness as well. Above all, they cause our own lives to shine brightly. To live with a true spirit of altruism means to have the strength and wisdom to cherish both ourselves and others." 
The SGI is spreading this perspective of happiness throughout society and the world." 

-Value Creation, Feb 2014

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