Sunday, June 22, 2014

President Toda's Timeless Guidance

President Toda gave the following guidance: "Once we have embarked on a challenge, we must win. Please never forget for a moment that the sole driving force for success in all things is thoroughly chanting daimoku and earnestly praying to the Gohonzon."

He also declared: "No matter what happens, the one key point you must never forget is strong faith. For with faith, you can triumph over anything."...If we truly have faith, we can win over any situation...
All prayers that lead to your happiness will definitely be fulfilled. There is absolutely no mistake about this. Such is the power of the Mystic Law and faith. I hope you will bear this deeply in mind.

He also said: "We can make the impossible possible because we wring forth every ounce of what little wisdom we possess and exert ourselves with all our might. Those efforts bring forth the protection of the Gohonzon." It is just as he says...
When we have a fervent resolve to realize kosen-rufu and take all-out action towards that end, we will be protected by the Gohonzon.

Value Creation, May 2014

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