Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Three Meanings of 'Myo"

Nichiren Daishonin expounded three meanings for the single character myo.
One, that everything in the universe is embraced by the Mystic law; myo signifies that the law is "perfectly endowed". It is the ultimate Law that embraces all forms of life.
Two, because the Law can manifest in all forms of life, even the tiniest existence in the universe, myo has the power "to open"; that is why it is truly "wondrous" or "mystic".
Three, since this wondrous Law has the power to heal the wounds sustained by all living beings such as humans and animals who undergo great suffering, myo has the power to revive. By manifesting the Mystic Law from within, all living beings undergoing suffering are able to awaken from their deluded state and revive themselves.

Blue Deeper than Indigo Vol 2

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