Saturday, July 4, 2015

The 3 Step Process to Overcome a Problem

The fact that we believe in the Gohonzon does not mean that we will be exempt from problems. When a problem arises, however, if we do not give in to doubt but instead chant daimoku seriously to the Gohonzon with the conviction that "through this, I can deepen my faith," we can definitely overcome it. Even beyond that, we will find ourselves better off than before the problem arose. This is the benefit of 'changing poison into medicine.'

- Guidance, Why is Faith Necessary Vol I, World Tribune Press

Thoughts - How encouraging. When I look at a situation from this perspective, I can't help but have more hope. 

For eg, a new situation at work has you in a fix. It may initially depress you. You may feel lethargic, resentful, and low. If at that point, you realise that through this situation the Gohonzon is trying to teach you something, you go from resentful-mode into learning-mode. 

The action required from us becomes as foll: 
  1. Chant to understand what is it that I am supposed to learn from this scenario
  2. Pray to change that part of my karma that is holding me back in it
  3. Do my best in that situation, cheerfully

After applying this 'formula', the sooner something changes in your thought process, the sooner your environment will change. I love Gurpreet's experience in Jamie's lovely blog - it clearly shows that the realization you have after chanting a lot of daimoku can, infact, change the entire environment because you have learnt what you had to from that situation. 

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