Sunday, July 19, 2015

Watch Warning Signs - Why your prayers may not be getting answered?

"Some of you may think in frustration, "Members all over the world are receiving wonderful benefits from the Gohonzon. I read amazing experiences in the Soka Gakkai publications. Then why isn't my prayer getting answered?" Don't worry. If you rectify your attitude, benefits will begin to come your way.

Suppose you have an accident and escape with only a slight injury. You may say, rejoicing, "Because I practice Buddhism, I was able to avoid a disaster," and be contented with that fact. This is too easy going an attitude in faith. Of course, it is only natural and proper to feel gratitude to the Gohonzon that you were protected. But there are times when you must take such a mishap, though minor, as a warning from the Gohonzon to the effect that "You have the destiny to encounter accidents of this kind, so be careful. Strengthen your faith even more so you can change poison into medicine." A slight misfortune is often a precursor of a catastrophe. Take the Gohonzon's warning seriously, and reawaken your faith.

While not every illness or accident necessarily means that something is wrong with your faith, it is wise to use such occasions to reexamine your practice, improve or correct it where necessary and further strengthen your faith.

Some time ago a woman came to see me for guidance about her husband's sickness. She said that when her husband had a chest X-ray taken, it showed a shadow indicating some cause for concern. He did not practice sincerely at that time, but because of this warning he started practicing more seriously. He reflected on and changed his attitude toward practice. Some time later when he again had a chest X-ray taken, there was no shadow at all, must to the doctor's surprise.

The shadow in the X-ray was like an alarm clock which warns you when you are not sincere in faith. But once you are awakened, it ceases to ring and its existence becomes unnecessary. Nichiren Daishonin says in the Gosho that illness can be an opportunity to grow in faith. He states, "Your husbands' disease may well be the merciful consideration of the Buddha. A mishap can be a warning which says, "There is something you need to understand. Strengthen your faith so you can find out what it is." At that time it is important for you to correct your attitude wherever necessary and resolve anew to develop your faith. So long as you keep your "eyes of faith" wide open, you will eventually be able to solve your problem, changing it into an impetus for your growth."

Source: Guidelines of Faith by Satoru Izumi


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shivani said...

Thank you Roger. Will update more often.