Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What to do when everything sucks?

Gosho: The difficulty of sustaining faith

'When you are experiencing the worst possible situation and feel that you can't possibly go on any longer, remember that this is the very time when you can change your destiny. I know it is far from easy to keep this in mind at a crucial moment. That is one reason why we have an organization, to encourage one another.
In any event, chant until you feel that your daimoku has reached the very roots of your suffering.
The reaction, "Why do I still have these problems even though I've been practicing so sincerely?" may be a natural one, but if you give in to it, you are being swayed by the fundamental darkness. If you instead resolve to practice all the more earnestly in order to overcome your problems, then you can not only open a path to their solution but further deepen your faith. This is in accord with the Buddhist principles that the sufferings of birth and death can be transformed into nirvana and that poison can be changed into medicine.'

Source: George M Williams, Vice President SGI

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