Thursday, March 29, 2012

From The Vow of March 16th to The Glory of May 3rd

I heartily welcome everyone who is reading this post. This blog has been created with an aim to to ensure that each and every member, is able to feel and be a part of the momentum of this wonderful campaign of May 3rd. The idea is to Share. Inspire. Be inspired. 
I will be posting guidances, Gosho lines, member's experiences, and various realizations and perspectives in faith. I would like this to be as interactive as possible.
There is just one rule: Please refrain from negative comments. Let us try and create hope, and happiness as much as we can.

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Jesslyn Boh said...

hi, after reading the Gosho and guidance, i feel to open my heart. all the gudance seem like encouraging me to carry on my life. i feel energetic and refresh. winter always turn to spring. i'm sure my happiness will come one day. thanks