Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is May 3rd & What Does It Mean For Us?

On May 3rd, 1951, Josei Toda, became the second president of the Soka Gakkai. Dr Daisaku Ikeda, or as we fondly call him, Sensei, too became the president on May 3, 1960. This date is a culmination of the struggles and victories of the year before. More importantly, it is the starting point and a time for great determination for the year ahead. As this day holds such great significance in the Soka Gakkai, to understand it further, I have shared below an excerpt from an essay on May 3rd from Sensei's novel "Kosen-Rufu our mission."

"There are members who are far away. There are members who are ill. There are members who are bravely struggling to survive trying economic times. There are members who are grappling with all kinds of circumstances. But the goal of all is clear, and so is their outcome. Namely, victory, happiness, everylasting truth, and justice, and becoming a person of immense spiritual wealth and integrity who lives in accord with the law of cause and effect. That is why there is no need to fear being misunderstood by the world. There is no need to fear the "living ghosts" who dwell among us. There is no need to fear the criticisms of the morally and spiritually bankrupt. There is nothing to fear in pathetic slurs and slanders. They all simply accord with the Lotus Sutra's prediction: "There will be many ignorant people/who will curse and speak ill of us."(LS13, p.193)"

Imbibing this guidance in our heart, let us determine to joyfully encourage ourselves and our friends towards our May 3rd meeting. Let us deeply determine to change that in our life which is causing us unhappiness - be it resentment, anger, hopelessness or escapism.

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