Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Definition of a Capable Person- NHR Excerpt

Shinichi began to speak: "I'm so happy to be able to meet all of you again today, after yesterday's commemorative photo sessions. I'm certain that from among you will emerge capable people who will shoulder the future.

"So what makes a capable person?First and foremost is an awareness of one's mission for kosen-rufu. Without a basic goal or an understanding of the purpose of life, people can't demonstrate their full potential.
"Though you may develop your ability or achieve status in society, if all you care about is personal success, you can't truly contribute to the world at large. Please understand that it is having an awareness of your mission to achieve kosen-rufu that enables you to bring your abilities to bloom, tap into your inherent wisdom and advance with fortitude and patience.

"A capable person is a person of fine character. Such qualities as consideration for others, tolerance, self-discipline and a commitment to truth and justice - these are the marks of a shining character and the most important things you can possess as a human being. Forging character requires spiritual struggle. This means polishing your life by challenging your weaknesses and overcoming hardship after hardship.

"Finally, a capable person must be strong. You may have a pure and beautiful heart, but if you are weak you cannot work for peace and happiness of others. Therefore, I hope you will find something that you will really excel at. It doesn't matter what it is, but the point is that you pursue it with your whole being.
"I firmly believe that all my disciples are tremendously capable individuals. You are my treasures."
From the New Human Revolution Volume 13 - Land of Happiness

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