Monday, April 23, 2012

The Human Revolution - The Meaning of the Practice of the Lotus Sutra

In his speech, Toda penetrated to the heart of the Mystic Law, and then warned the participants against
reckless action.
"I will not ask whether you are sincerely practicing, because propagation is something
you should carry out of your own initiative. Instead, I want to ask whether your businesses are doing well, whether you are making money, and whether you are enjoying good health. Nothing pleases me more than to see that you are showered with benefits. You tell me you are practising and are involved in the propagation campaign, but as long as you remain in poverty, you cannot call yourselves my disciples. Ours is the faith through which one can carry on a flourishing business as well as improve his family's living. Those who think only about the faith and neglect their work are flouting the teaching of Nichiren Buddhism. Through our vocations we contribute to society and thus have the chance to manifest the power of our faith. The Gosho states that doing your best in any task is itself the practise of the Lotus Sutra. -
From the Human Revolution, Volume 7, 'Under the Wings' chapter

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