Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Encouraging Gosho Passage

The following passage is from the Gosho "Embracing the Lotus Sutra"  WND Vol I, p 59 and has been shared by Mrs Usha.

"One should have complete faith in the Lotus Sutra and look forward to being born in the presence of the Buddhas in one's next life.
To illustrate, suppose that a person  is standing at the foot of a tall embankment and is unable to ascend.  And suppose that there is someone on top of the embankment who lowers a rope and says, " If you take hold of this rope, I will pull you up to the top of the embankment."  If the person  at the bottom begins to doubt that the other has the strength to pull him up, or wonders if the rope is not too weak and therefore refuses to put forth his hand and grasp it, then how is he ever to get to the top of the embankment?  But if he follows the instructions, puts out his hand, and takes hold of the rope, then he can climb up.
If one doubts the strength of the Buddha when he says, " I am the only person who can rescue and protect others"; if one is  suspicious of the rope held out by the Lotus Sutra when its teachings declare that one can "gain entrance through faith alone"; if one fails to chant the Mystic Law which guarantees the "such a person assuredly and without doubt (will attain the Buddha way),"  then the Buddha's power cannot reach one, and it will be impossible to scale the embankment of enlightenment. "


Neha Singh said...

beautiful example... the gosho [passage is explained beautifully.Thank you.

Neha Singh said...

Thank you for explaining the gosho so beautifully.