Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sensei on Health, Stress & the Importance of Pacing Oneself

Let us study the following excerpt from Sensei's book called Buddhism on Health Pages 71-72, to really be able to proceed forward in great health of mind and body.

Be careful not to push oneself beyond reason

Toyofuku: We see this most often in people who are always trying too hard or who are very sensitive to others' needs and wants. Such types over-respond to their environment.

President Ikeda: They push themselves too hard, running themselves into the ground. There is a difference between earnest effort and overdoing things. If you drive yourself too hard, you won't be able to keep it up for very long. Earnest effort, on the other hand, is characterized by steady progress that accords with reason.

...President Ikeda: In Buddhism, nothing is in vain. Of course, having faith doesn't mean we will never experience stress. In some respects, working for the sake of others is always accompanied by great expenditure of energy, and it may result in deep fatigue. But that is what makes our endeavors so noble. And that is why our lives are strengthened, and grow even healthier....Stress forces us to pay attention to our health. Stress, too, serves as an impetus for growth, for developing our life condition.

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