Saturday, April 28, 2012

Importance of Gosho Study- NHR

Shinichi concluded that this (walking unerringly on the path to happiness) could only be achieved by each member engraving the teachings of the Gosho in their lives and making the Gosho their foundation. The Daishonin's writings are clearly expressed in his writings. The Gosho elucidates the laws of life and guidelines for our behaviour and existence in this world; it explains why it is important to strive hard in the buddhist practice and why obstacles and persecution beset those who uphold the True Law. Reading the Gosho also helps a person understand and appreciate the Daishonin's spirit and indomitable conviction. This would serve as a driving force for people's faith, giving rise to courage, hope and wisdom and forming a solid foundation for thier lives.
To achieve this, Shin'ichi felt it vital to establish the Gakkai spirit as an integral core of each person's life and that this be achieved through promoting a great study movement - not one dedicated to abstract buddhist theory but to living buddhist principles relevant to actual practice.
From the NHR Volume 6, Acceleration Chapter.  

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