Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wonderful Guidance on Attitude- NHR excerpt

Shin'ichi to Yoriko Ueno(WD) in context of having moved from Japan to Tehran and having a very lonely and unpleasant time of it:

"Dont you think you may be idealizing your life in Japan and, then, by constantly comparing it with your life here in Tehran, making yourself miserable and depressed? I'm sure you also had your fair share of problems even when you were in Japan, didn't you?"...

..."Nobody is perfect. Nor is there a perfect living environment where everything will be just the way you want it. It seems to me that you may be setting impossibly high standards for yourself..and for your everyday circumstances. You then try to make everything measure up to these unrealistic standards...

..."It's kind of like looking at a plum tree based on an expectation that it is a cherry tree. You say, 'What a strange looking cherry tree!' and end up being disappointed. Instead you should try to see things more flexibly and not get caught up in the rigid idea that things must be just the way that you have painted in your mind they should be."

Shin'ichi patiently continued to address Yoriko Ueno: "I realise it may be difficult for you because you can't get used to living here in Tehran. But no matter where you go, there will be some degree of difficulty or unpleasantness. It's the same for everyone, no matter where or under what circumstances they live. No place or person is 100% perfect. You should set life here, not life in Japan, as your standard. Since this is your reality, you first have to accept it as it is and then take a close look at it.

"The Sutra speaks of 'perceiving the truth exactly as it is.' Though this is a reference to the Buddha's wisdom, it is also very relevant to our own lives. Rather than being attached to and constrained by idealistic standards that you've created for yourself, you should look hard at reality just as it is, then try to discover some positive or enjoyable aspect and turn them to good account."

"The same goes for you yourself. You are you, no matter where you go. Nothing is served by envying others. All people have strengths and shortcomings. Therefore, all you have to do is look at yourself, discover your good points and then try to develop them further. This, too, will create something of value."

Yoriko Ueno responded: "Yes, I know you are right. But although I can understand what you're saying intellectually, when I think of having to stay on here, my feelings of dislike of this place get the better of me."
"That's precisely why faith is so important,"Shin'ichi continued. "When you reach a deadlock, that's the time to chant daimoku. When you chant, you can see yourself, and your environment exactly as they are. You'll also bring forth strong life force and gain the strength you need not to be defeated by your weaknesses. And more importantly, you'll awaken to the mission that has brought you here to Iran."
"Do you mean I've come here because I have some kind of mission or purpose to fulfil?" she asked.
"Ofcourse," Shin'ichi assured her. "All children of the buddha have a mission. From now on, more and more japanese will be coming to Iran to work and live. Among them, there are bound to be other Gakkai members and also women like yourself who feel lonely finding themselves in a strange land. It would be wonderful if you could some day use your experience of living in this country to help and encourage such people."

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