Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marriage and Happiness

Ota asked Shin'ichi for some guidance regarding her future. "I'd like to work in the antique business," she said, "but a Canadian man has proposed to me. Marrying him will make it difficult for me to pursue my career. I don't know what choice I should make."
Shin'ichi nodded and began to speak: "Happiness is not something that exists in a faraway place. It is within us. Faith is what taps and opens that happiness within. As long as your faith remains strong, whatever decision you make, it will take you in the best possible direction. Buddhism is reason and faith is the driving force in our lives. 
The important thing is never to stray from the great path of kosen-rufu. No matter what happens, no matter what hardship you may face, never abandon your faith. Throughout your life, wherever you may go in the world, persevere in your faith with steadiness, humility, and determination. If you quit, you will be defeated."
- Daisaku Ikeda
Towards Victory, Excerpted guidances from the NHR Value Creation Feb 2014

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