Sunday, March 30, 2014

Turning Resentment into Appreciation

Excerpt from an experience -

I received a poor job review that came with an ultimatum: Turn things around in the next 30 days or face immediate termination. I felt humiliated. I accelerated my job search, hoping to land a new position before the 30-day deadline. "why should I be treated this way?" I thought. I was doing my part by putting in the hard work.
As I chanted, however, I made a startling realisation. Despite my original determination to do my best at my job, my attitude had been one of complaint. Even my angry effort to find another job was prompted by arrogance and self-righteousness.
I realized that the poison I had to transform into medicine wasn't my job; it was my resentful attitude. Furthermore, changing poison into medicine meant not only that I transform my situation with my boss, but also that my department, company and even the clients win in the process.
As I continued to chant this way, my resentment gradually gave way to appreciation.
When the 30-day deadline came, I was still employed. But the real victory was transforming my way of thinking. My performance review ratings went from mostly, "needs improvement" to the top two ratings of "excellent" and "above average." My raise was double the company average. My boss expressed her appreciation that I had responded to difficult issues with composure and dignity.
I have learned that the best way to earn the respect of others is by being a shining example of someone who is never defeated."
Source: Value Creation, Feb 2014

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