Monday, May 25, 2015

The importance of life force

Sensei says, "If you possess strong life force and abundant wisdom, it is possible to enjoy the challenge of overcoming life's hardships much in the same way that waves make surfing exhilarating and steep mountains give mountaineering its appeal. Because the Mystic Law is the source of the life force and wisdom for overcoming life's difficulties, the Daishonin states that there is no greater happiness than chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo."
Thoughts - If one were to silently contemplate the meaning of the word 'life force,' it may sink in slowly how important this attribute is to our happiness. Life force means the force that gives life its vitality and strength. It may also mean health, both physical and mental. When health is not good, life appears meaningless. Food loses its taste, work loses meaning and recreational activities become passive and tiresome. If mentally one does not feel up to the mark, one feels fatigued, uninspired to do anything, from mundane chores to a once - favorite activity.
Thus it is imperative that we activity chant to have great health and life force. Also for wisdom and compassion. Wisdom again can solve a lot many problems that one faces - it allows us to smile, think on our feet, take decisions that are best for our ultimate happiness. Compassion allows us to be kind to ourselves and others and moreover, to chant for people's happiness.

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