Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A small shift in your heart can change everything

Importance of transforming resentment into compassion, complaints into gratitude.

Sensei says "Appreciation and gratitude increase good fortune. Complaint and negativity erase it."

I encountered a wonderful experience in the Value Creation magazine of a woman who was "working v hard" and doing everything right, BUT was resenting doing so immensely. She was angry that her work was not being acknowledged and appreciated by the people around her. She kind of reminded me of a bird who charges ahead with all her might but bumps into a window each time. :(

It just hit home because I have closely seen people who have technically worked hard in terms of doing their duties, crazy hours of daimoku, and umpteen Gakkai activities. They have got a lot to show for it ofcourse. However, due to some stubborn cause, the relationships in their lives remain unchanged, while the bulk of the work continues to come to them, with no appreciation and people around them making their life only tougher and not easier. While this stubborn cause could very well be karma or mission, it could also have a lot to do with their attitude which had more than a whiff of resentment/arrogance/anger.

To transform the tendency to be resentful appears to be very important. otherwise, we too could practice all our lives looking the wrong way.


1. to have compassion. This is key. When you bow to the image in the mirror. the image bows back to you. If you hate others, they too will revile you and detest you. You could be doing all the right things, but if your heart is not in the right place, people will respond to that negativity. Pray to transform all resentment into compassion. This is concomitant with Sensei's guidance to pray that all positive, protective forces may enter your life and the lives of those around you as well all members.

2. to have Gratitude. When you have gratitude for the things you have, and express gratitude frequently to those who support your life, your good fortune increases manifold.

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