Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Osaka Campaign - Part 2

"In order to achieve victory, two things are vital: "strong daimoku" and "first-rate strategy and action."
... the "first rate strategy" was clearly shown in President Ikeda's behavior and in his 'Early Morning Gosho Lectures.' Simply put, the "first rate strategy is to be in complete rhythm with Sensei.
... The directions given by President Ikeda during the morning Gosho lecture was in-fact the "best strategy."
- Osaka campaign Value creation Jan 2007
I have come across this guidance each time while re-reading the Osaka campaign. While I kind of understood 'strong daimoku,' I could never wrap my head around 'first rate strategy and action.' What did it mean, I wondered. If I knew what the best strategy was, wouldn't I have already gone ahead and executed it? If it was so simple to take a certain action, would I not have already...well, taken that action?
The passage excerpt above explained what these terms mean at the most fundamental level for us as practitioners of Nichiren Daishonin's buddhism. 'First rate strategy & action' mean being one with out mentor. To strive each day to chant to be in same mind as him. To read the New Human revolution series to understand Sensei at a deeper level and learn how he lives and behaves in daily life.
Mentor disciple is a very difficult concept to understand..but striving to understand it is in fact a part of adopting first rate strategy and action. When we begin to understand our mentor, a lot of big words like 'kosen-rufu,' and 'bodhisattva of the earth,' will start to make that much more sense and our life will start expanding tremendously. So towards July 3rd, which is celebrated as Mentor Disciple day, let's try and chant this day onwards to connect with Sensei. It may not come naturally to you in the beginning and that's ok. The important thing is to have the ichinen to begin to understand Sensei's significance in our lives at some point and be able to follow him truly. Then we will truly be like a 'blue fly clinging to a thorough bred horse.' (will not explain that here...thats another post.)
You can read more about the mentor and disciple concept here

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