Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Osaka Campaign - Part 4

"On one occasion a junior high school girl attended a women's division district leaders' meeting with her mother.
When President Ikeda came to the meeting, he said, "Kansai has a very cute district leader, doesn't it?" The junior high school girl raised her hand and aid, "I accompanied my mother today. I'd like to ask your advice on something."
Her mother seemed to be very surprised. "My mother is working hard both at work and in Gakkai activities. For this reason, I am helping her with the housework. After school, I go to the market with the moeny she gives me. My mother works too hard, so I'll quit school and work with her. In addition, I want to do my best for Gakkai activities," said the young girl.
President Ikeda listened intently to the girl and then responded: "I don't like people who don't go to school. I dislike a person who doesn't study. Now is the time when you should help your mother and go to school as much as you can. You should study while helping your mother." Touched by his all-enveloping warm heart, the girl determined to overcome whatever hardships she might face.
- Osaka campaign, value creation, Feb 2007

While this guidance may have been given to a young student going through trying times, I believe Sensei would have given guidance in a similar vein to anyone trying to juggle multiple responsibilities. Sensei advices the girl to continue to help her mother and do her best in Gakkai acivities without sacrificing her studies...I can't help the girl was hoping Sensei would tell her to let go of one thing atleast thus making her life that much easier :) Letting go of her studies to help her mother would have no doubt seemed like an honorable thing to do, but would have eventually been detrimental to her personal growth in the future. In one way, Sensei is encouraging the girl to not give up. Though hard to follow, this guidance is a very potent one. It basically is a short cut to polishing one's character and becoming a first -rate human being. 

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