Thursday, July 9, 2015

Don't Forget this Marvelous Gohonzon You Have

Pavlov, the famous psychologist, said that, "Talent can be acquired and nurtured through effort. It is important to make consistent effort at your own pace. If you were not born blessed with talent or ability, you had best create it yourself with correct practice and training." Rather than lamenting over our lack of power and experience, or worrying that something is outside the realm of our capability, we should apply ourselves and challenge the task at hand. We can then develop our capability and product great results.
In volume ten of the novel The Human Revolution, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda writes,

Anyone would think that victory is impossible, and that's probably how you feel right now. But don't forget this marvellous Gohonzon we have. It has the power to transform what you'd normally think impossible into something possible. Those who give up before they try, thinking that it's impossible, don't really know the power of the Mystic Law. Only people who can bring forth the Mystic Law's power can succeed at anything they try.

We have to first of all pray powerfully to be able to carry out the kind of courageous practice that can make the impossible possible. 

- Guidance, Why is Faith Necessary Vol I, World Tribune Press

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