Friday, July 10, 2015

What You Fear May Not Even Exist

When a timorous person sees a dead tree at night, he takes it for a ghost and is frightened out of his wits. His fearfulness has made him err in discerning the true identity of what he saw. It is he himself who was petrified with terror, and it is his own timidity which caused that fear. Since he is both victim and assailant, it is no use suing the tree. 

Some members are easily swayed by their environments. This is because their faith is not strong enough for them to recognise devilish functions for what they are.

We should view our immediate situation in terms of our fundamental purpose in life, and not the other way round. (See: Guidances on Mission)

The true benefits of faith do not become apparent right-away. Even a person bent with age was once a baby. He didn't become old and gray overnight. Probably he saw no particular change in himself from one day to the next. As the years pass, however, a baby grows up and finally becomes an aged person. Similarly the benefits of faith grow in a gradual way. As long as you continue to practice, you are accumulating great good fortune, even though you may not be able to recognise it from a short-range viewpoint. 

- Guidance, Why is Faith Necessary Vol I, World Tribune Press

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