Saturday, July 11, 2015

If You Have Time to Brood, You Have Time to Chant

The Gosho teaches that benefits come from chanting daimoku. Nowhere does it say that you can obtain benefits by complaining, even if you do so a million times.

Some of you may be worried because of your mates, children or parents. But so long as you merely complain about them, you will not be able to solve your problem. Instead, resolve to turn your anxiety into an impetus for changing your karma, into a springboard for attaining enlightenment - in other words, into a good influence. Then muster your power of faith and practice, and chant and chant until you have solved your problem. Only your faith in the Gohonzon can enable you to do this.

- Guidance, Why is Faith Necessary Vol I, World Tribune Press

Thoughts - I love how this guidance instructs one to chant instead of simply complain. I remember this one funny guidance a senior gave saying 'instead of opening the bottle in the evening, open your butsudan.'
It then says to 'muster' your power of faith....Meaning, its not going to come out freely from your life like free-flowing salt when you are low. You will have to drag/coax/nudge/cajole it taking out those last drops of that thick tomato ketchup.
Don't you have to do that? When you are low? So hard to open that butsudan no? But if you muster your power of faith at that time and chant for even five minutes at that time, you have won in that moment and changed a part of your karma at that moment.

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